Meet Your Coach

Hi there!

I’m really excited about being your nutrition coach and put together this page to tell you a bit more about myself. Because coaching over the Internet can feel a little impersonal, I thought sharing a bit more about me would help make it feel more like you are working with someone you know, instead of a faceless person through an app.

My name is Suzi Fevens (which you already know, and I live in Nova Scotia, Canada with my husband and two cats.

Besides working with Eat to Perform as a nutrition coach, I’m also a busy fitness instructor teaching Zumba, yoga, barre/strength classes, seniors fitness, and online classes and workout programs. I’m certified in nutrition coaching not only with ETP but also with CanFitPro and hold certifications in stress resilience, am a trauma-informed yoga, am an aqua fitness leader, running coach, and more. You can read more about my education and credentials over on my resume page.

I’m also the writer behind Confessions of a Fitness Instructor and the creator of the Wellness Simplified Podcast so I keep myself pretty busy.

If you are on social media please feel free to “like” my Facebook page or follow me on Instagram @suziconfesses.

In my free time, I love reading (I typically read over 100 books/year)and have a separate book account on Instagram called @suzireadsalot, in the summer I love paddleboarding and drinking iced coffee (that’s a hobby right? 😉 )

I could possibly be considered a crazy cat lady 😉 but I’m not biased, I love dogs and bunnies and most all animals! I do feel a bit partial to my cats though, their names are Rose Tyler and Clara Oswald (yes, we are Doctor Who fans here!)

Anytime you get a message from me or I do your review you can be pretty sure one of these two kitties is hanging on me in some capacity so I call them my co-workers, haha.

But more than anything, I want you to know I really want to help you to reach your goals, so don’t be afraid to reach out to me when you need help or support. That’s why I’m here!