Joy Journal: Finding the joy in every day


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Cultivating a joyful life doesn’t mean putting on your blinders or becoming a Pollyanna personality type.

Instead, those who live a joyful life try to spend more of their energy looking at what’s good or joyful in their life, instead of focusing on what’s bad.

If you look around you searching out terrible things, you’ll find no shortage of them and you can easily become influenced to think that everything is terrible. Because from your viewpoint, it is. Conversely, if you start searching for the good things in life you’ll begin to notice that there really is a lot of good happening not only in the world but also in your life.

What you track grows. Want to live a more joyful life? Track joy. It might seem simple, but if you’ve been conditioned to always see the negative, it will take some time to shift your thinking, but it will be time well spent. This 100-page journal provides prompts to help you find and appreciate the joy in your life. Allowing you to find the joy in every day, even the bad ones.

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