Virtual Zumba Punch Card




Want to attend virtual Zumba Classes by paying as you go? Purchase a Virtual Zumba punch card and get access to all the virtual classes, but only use a virtual punch when you attend one!

You’ll get all the links and codes to attend Zumba classes, and Suzi will keep track of when you take a class. When you are down to your last “punch” she’ll let you know! This makes it easier to pop into a class whenever you like without having to stop and think about registering for a specific class.

After purchase, you will get an email with the links/codes for the remainder of that week’s classes, and then will begin to get an email each Monday with details for the upcoming week’s classes.

Here is the Zumba class schedule for June. CLasses listed in GREEN are for anyone. Classes in BLUE are live, and classes in YELLOW are pre-recorded and available at any time during the time period listed.

All class times listed in Halifax local time.



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