Suzi Fevens has a passion for living an active and healthy life while facing the daily struggles of living with Fibromyalgia makes her an inspiration to all who know her.

Born and raised in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia, Suzi started dancing at a young age and studied tap and clogging for many years. She gave up formal dance lessons in her teens but continued to have a love for music and movement throughout high school.

After high school, Suzi completed a two-year degree at Business College and found herself working in the insurance industry full-time one week after graduating. Not long after settling into her job, she was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  She had been suffering from mysterious pains and symptoms since the age of six that no amount of doctor’s appointments or blood tests could diagnose. It had taken 16 years for her to be able to put a name to her symptoms. After receiving her diagnosis, she first tried conventional medication to manage her symptoms, to no avail. Another year of struggling came and went before she turned to a naturopath to help her gain control over her body and life.

Within weeks of beginning her treatments under her naturopath’s care, Suzi was starting to sleep through the night, having more energy during the day, and was noticing she had less pain, especially when exercising consistently.  After a few years, she decided that the 9-5 life wasn’t for her, and she left her job with the dream of becoming a fitness instructor.  She wanted to help others become active while staying active herself, which would help her keep her medical issues in check.

Since then Suzi has become a highly sought-after fitness instructor, teaching classes all over the Annapolis Valley.  She has a naturally “flowing” style making Zumba, Yoga, and Barre-inspired strength training classes all a very natural fit. In addition to her in-person classes, she is happy to be able to offer online classes & training programs that allow her to help more people around the world!

In 2022 Suzi decided it was time to scale her fitness business back and now operates her business as her fun “side gig” while also working full-time back in the insurance industry.

Suzi is passionate about helping people become more connected with their bodies through movement and teaches classes that are welcoming for all ages, shapes, and fitness levels.  Her passion for fitness and wellbeing drives her to motivate her clients every day and encourage them to follow their dreams and goals.  Whether teaching classes, writing, running, reading, cooking for her husband and/or friends, watching a movie with a cat on her lap, or out on the town looking for cupcakes, she strives to enjoy each day to the best of her ability.  She feels very blessed to be able to motivate and encourage others through her classes and her blog and feels honoured to be a part of the health journey of so many people.

For a full listing of her education and credentials, please visit her resume page.